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We are in manufacturing and exporting of eco-friendly areca leaf plates throughout the past twelve years. Our primary goal is to promote an environmentally sustainable society. In the way of implementing that we are involved in the manufacturing and exporting of Bio products. By the way of promoting the bio friendly product usage, we are also employing people from rural areas for a fair wage.


Manufactures out of farm fresh areca palm leaves.


Retaining warmness and original taste of food.


Eco-friendly bio- degradable and hence use and throw dishes.


Handy, leak proof, strong and light weight.


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areca leaf plates suppliers
Areca plates suppliers
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Leading Areca Palm Leaf Plates Manufacturers

The Palm leaf products are being produced with sustainable resource (made from fallen leaves, 100% natural) through eco-friendly process (no chemicals or additives used) and make sure it is acceptable to Earth when disposed (biodegradable and compostable)


Raj Mahesh

testimonial testimonial

“The wedding was great and the plates were awesome! Got lots of compliments and impressed by how sturdy they are. Thank you!”


John Mathew

testimonial testimonial

“Thanks so much for bringing by the little bowls! They are perfect for our upcoming event!”



testimonial testimonial

“These serving pieces are simple and beautiful in style, and present food in a way that is mindful and authentic for both restaurants and special events.”